The Beginning

Before man or elf first walked, there were dragons, and dragonborn. In the early years, Tiamat declared war on Bahamut, and in their fury they tore the continents asunder, leaving behind only Par'Stradus and Brisingold.

The ancient origin tale of Par'Stradus is that the wood elves were grown from the earth by Rillifane and set about a great mass of land. Over time, other deities placed their own creations here, so as not to be outshone by the elf god. Each race founded their own tribes and clans. War was common after some time, but nothing so great as to create a ruling race. Par'Stradus grew to become a mixed nation, with each race founding its own sort of capital, and getting along (on most occasions) with everyone else. Drakestone was once the controlling city of Par'Stradus, but resigned the title after the Echo War.

The Cities

Par'Stradus is home to several major cities, including:

  • Larnwick, the human capital
  • Drakstone, the dragonborn kingdom
  • Hawk's Rest, an adventurer's city
  • Fellmore, the elven city
  • Ash Port, a city of trade
  • Marcrest, Elmore, and Sirrion's Draw, the three sister cities
  • Carver, a human military outpost of Larnwick
  • Sarlock, a farming community


Par'Stradus is known for a handful of mysterious, dangerous, or mystic places. Some are even useful.

  • The Forest of Endless Returning: It is said that without good intentions, or without purpose, one cannot leave the forest. It has trapped many wayward adventurers were poor intentions or no purpose at all.
  • Cave of Umberlee: A shrine to Umberlee, goddess of the sea. 
  • Myra's Pool: a sacred place for elves
  • Sun Cave: supposed location of sacred, rare gems such as the ravenstone.
  • Pearl's Bay, where apparently there are merfolk.
  • Brightarm Lake, a vacation destination.

Notable Events and People

<u>The Echo War:</u> The Echo War was a great battle that occurred approximately three hundred years ago, in which the drow king, Lichten Afaein declared war on Drakestone, then the controlling city of Par’Stradus. The dragonborn king, Sarl Gravewalker, called on every ally to defeat Afaein and his army of dark elves and undead creatures, even going so far as to ask for the divine intervention of Hlal, which he did not receive.


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